Dress “Jackie Roma” in cold silk


The # 1! The Jackie Roma is one of the dresses in permanent stock, and one of the most versatile in our catalog 😀 It fits well in multiple bodies and is suitable for all kinds of occasions…and we can say that it is one of our favorites too!

  • XS
  • S/M
  • M/L
  • MF064 Leopardo S Gris
  • MF066 Polka Dots Blue Line
  • MF131 Tropical BN Flor Rosa
  • Unprinted
  • MF022 Polka Dots S White
  • MF023 Lunar Moved
  • MF024 Turquoise Polka Dots
  • MF029 Lace L Red
  • MF030 Lace L Turquoise
  • MF034 Lunar Blanco M
  • MF047 Beach Brown
  • MF049 Lace S Red
  • MF050 Lace S BN
  • MF060 Crazy Lunar Blue
  • MF062 Orange Beach
  • MF063 Expansive Waves
  • MF065 Bulgaros L Orange
  • MF067 Pink Persian Flowers
  • MF070 Multicolor Pop Polka Dots
  • MF096 Lunar White Black M


Dress “Jackie Roma” in cold silk, reversible. Princess cut with darts and high waist, open back. Center cut in the skirt at the back.

Additional information


XS, S/M, M/L

Color Principal

Navy blue, White, Burgundy, Brown, Negro, Red, Dark red, Bubblegum Pink, Dark Rose, Rosa Salmon, Colorless, Verde, Intense Olive Green, Green oil, Violet


MF064 Leopardo S Gris, MF066 Polka Dots Blue Line, MF131 Tropical BN Flor Rosa, Unprinted, MF022 Polka Dots S White, MF023 Lunar Moved, MF024 Turquoise Polka Dots, MF029 Lace L Red, MF030 Lace L Turquoise, MF034 Lunar Blanco M, MF047 Beach Brown, MF049 Lace S Red, MF050 Lace S BN, MF060 Crazy Lunar Blue, MF062 Orange Beach, MF063 Expansive Waves, MF065 Bulgaros L Orange, MF067 Pink Persian Flowers, MF070 Multicolor Pop Polka Dots, MF096 Lunar White Black M

Color Reversible/Interno

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